Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Getting Underway at Last

While I learned a lot at the lymphoma conference on Saturday, this was really a weekend of celebration with friends.
First we celebrated on Friday night with our good friend Dana - not only celebrating my good news, but to wish her well on her upcoming surgery.

She did very well, by the way, and is doing fine - what a trooper!

Then we had a Saturday celebration with two other couples with whom we've shared over 25 years together - through thick, thin, weddings, sickness, health, and trips abroad.
Celebrating our big wins takes really BIG glasses (or at least that's our excuse).  Thanks, guys, for the support!

Then this week it was back to work.  That last gene test result finally came back in today and fortunately it was negative, paving the way to schedule a portacath installation on Thursday and a first chemo on Friday.  My chemo is now prescribed for six installments over 18 weeks, so I will finish in June, just in time to enjoy the summer.

As my lymphoma subtype tends to come out of remission faster than others, I'm taking part in a clinical trial which hopes to extend the remission period.  On Friday, I'll find out if I am getting my currently prescribed chemo regimen, or if I get that PLUS a drug which shows promise in extending remission periods, as it is doing now for myeloma patients. Either way, I will be under heightened monitoring, which is a good thing. 

I can't wait to get underway and beat this thing.  Now I'm just counting the days until Friday!  It's like waiting for Christmas...

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