Sunday, March 3, 2013

Apologies to Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia

I'm now a big, BIG fan of the death star!  My genetically engineered death star drug, Rituxan, has already done an amazing job of seeking out and destroying those rogue biker B-cells in just two days.  The day after chemo, I noticed that the big cyst on my neck was half its size and no longer protruding, today it's almost all gone.  The growths in my lymph nodes seem to have disappeared, and my neck no longer looks like a linebacker's;  I have my jawline back.

Besides the change in appearance, I feel so much better!  A growth on one tonsil had closed off half my throat, and now I can swallow without difficulty.  Without it blocking my airway, I also had my first good night's sleep with no sleep apnea in about five months.  Go, death star!

But shortly it will begin attacking the healthy B-cells (there's no way to turn off a death star), so I'm getting ready for having a very low immune system.  Thanks to all for the great suggestions, and here are the winners:

Q:   Any ideas for making a mask more fashionable?  Or less scary?

The most fashionable suggestion was from Alan V.  (I wonder how they made that breathable.)

Alan also sent the funniest suggestion - but when you think about it, this might be the most effective mask of all:  would YOU get anywhere close to someone wearing this?!  or would you just back off slowly, making no sudden moves?
And this is what I'm trying in different fabrics to see how it works out.  I think the bandanna fabric might be just a tad too "bandit" and send the wrong message when I drop by the bank.
Q:  If you couldn't leave the house for a while, what would you have on hand?
Suggestions included a lot of movies and TV shows (Magic Mike, Arbitrage, the full Lord of the Rings series; Downton Abbey, Fringe, Homeland, Emma), but you can't argue with Lisa A. who suggested a Skype membership, a lot of bubble bath, and a masseuse (hopefully she didn't mean all at the same time).

The funniest suggestion:   came from Ellen K., who asked in a comment if the port could be used for wine.  I'm off all alcohol during chemo, but it's certainly worth checking out afterwards!  It would be hard to savor the bouquet, but by golly some days warrant fast over flavor.  I think it would also be great for mainlining coffee in the mornings.    (By the way, she also had the funniest blog name ever.)

Tomorrow, my last chemo drug for 3 weeks - I'm ready for the break!  And in the meantime, I need to track down whatever scientist designed that death star drug and see if he can genetically engineer something similar for fat cells - there's a fortune to be made out there...

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  1. Sign me up for the fat cell eliminator please!! So glad the first few days have been well and hoping Thursday doesn't change it all that much-xoxo. Must be great to see and feel the immediate progress this has had and hoping those little bad B cell boogers are all gone soon-xo