Friday, March 22, 2013

On the Way to My Happily Ever After

My pixie cut still looks good, but I am now shedding more than our black Labrador, which is quite a feat.  When I viewed the shower floor this morning, I was grateful that I wasn't Rapunzel. 

Come to think of it, chemo would explain a lot of things in fairy tales.  Maleficent, for instance, was clearly going through chemo - why else would you wear that ugly two-horned hat and be grumpy all the time?  Had to be the hair loss, there's no other way you'd be induced to wear that thing.

All those toxic chemicals would also explain the baldness and unusual skin colors of many fairytale characters, from green Shrek to the blue genie in Aladdin.  Since they all lived happily ever after, clearly I'm on the right track with chemo.  (What about Maleficent, you ask?  You have to admit she was going pretty strong until that ill-advised run-in with the prince's sword.  I know enough to steer clear of people brandishing large sharp objects.)

It's time for more of my magic potions

Monday is my next chemo session:  this time it will only take 7 hours to get all my magic potions, instead of the ten hours it took last time.  With an appointment with my doctor and full lab tests, it will be an 8 to 5 day again at UT Southwestern.  It's a good thing it's a nice place!

Now I just need to focus on not turning green like Shrek or blue like the genie.  Wonder if I can request chemo apples similar to Snow White's?

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  1. Thinking of you as you are in the midst of the next session. And why is it for some reason I don't ever see you as grumpy.....:)