Monday, April 1, 2013

A week of help, thanks and wow

I was not looking forward to last week, with a full chemo (6 drugs) on Monday and a mini-chemo (2 drugs) on Thursday, and a week of side effects to suffer through.  Somewhere in my recent readings, I read that we pray in three categories:  help, thanks, and wow, with most of our prayers in the first category, and I was headed that way.

Then it was all put into perspective for me:  a friend, half a year younger than I am, passed away suddenly last Sunday from a stroke.  On Friday, he and my husband were hosting a national Jaguar event;  on Sunday, his partner of 28 years had just three hours to say her goodbyes.  It reminded me again of the importance of living every day to the fullest, and my focus changed to help for her. 

The rest of my week was spent in thanks for the new perspective, and that I have the opportunity to spend more years with those I love and appreciate.  If you're reading this, I'm talking about you!  

Then on Easter Sunday I hit the wow prayers, as an early soaking rain blew through, followed by sun and a drying breeze for one of the loveliest Easter Days ever. It was a 'down' day for me from chemo, so I curled up in the loveseat in the gazebo and spent the 75-degree afternoon enjoying white dogwood blooming over blue columbine and the last of the daffodils, lacy light green leaves on all the trees, and bright red geraniums and begonias by the patio.

For the first time in many years I didn't have all the grandchildren hunting for eggs, diving into mega-Easter baskets, and floating Peeps in the fountain.  I sorely missed it.   But that will make me appreciate all the hubbub next year even more!

Next up:  beauty tips from the cell experts!  Check in later this week for skin secrets they only tell chemo patients.


  1. Can't go wrong with Annie LaMott! Have you read "Bird by Bird"? One of my favs. Broke my heart to read about your friend - I'm SO sorry. Glad to hear you're climbing out of a tough week - stay strong and never underestimate the healing power of a sunny day on the porch... And thanks for a great idea. Next year at our house: Easter Peeps will float in the pond!!! LOL! - Ellen

  2. I've been a LaMott fan since "Travelling Mercies"! I haven't read "Bird by Bird," but just ordered it from Amazon. And no no no - Peeps in the pond is not a good idea... you'll wonder what that gooey white mess is! It's kind of like chocolate all over the dining room chairs, just a sign that everyone had a darn good Easter.