Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Last week before my first week!

I retire next Wednesday after 36 years in marketing and communications, the last nineteen years with the same great company.  Someone asked me last week what I remember the most, and it was interesting to think back over the years and marvel at how much fun I've had.

I had the amazing opportunity to create change on a national level so many times, learn a number of states and communities as well as my own, and tackle some big, wild, crazy, fun assignments.  You know you really love what you do when you wake up every morning excited to go to work, and you don't mind the trips out of town because that gives you a few more hours to work at night. 

But it's not the big, wild, crazy, fun assignments which mean the most for me:  it's the people.  I've been lucky to work with amazingly talented people over the years:  brilliant people with integrity, creativity and passion who continually inspired me to bring and step up my A-game.  To all of you reading this who worked with me, thank you!  It was a privilege to work by your side.

Next week is just as exciting:  it's the first week of my next chapter, and I'm as giddy as I was approaching high school graduation.  There's such a wonderful wealth of opportunity ahead, and this time I know my talents (and what they aren't) and how best to apply them.  I'm being cautious in making commitments until I beat this pesky lymphoma thing, but there are so many wonderful ways to make a difference for others in areas that I'm passionate about, and I'm having fun checking them all out.  Folks have it all wrong - it's not retirement, it's commencement!

Wimpy cell counts

Thanks for all the blood donation offers, but so far I'm OK - no transfusions and I'm doing so much better than average that I should be OK for another few weeks.   I did get rather wimpy white blood cell counts today, so I'm having to be really careful about germs.  Every surface in the house has been wiped with disinfecting wipes, cooked veggies replace salads, and no more outings for me for awhile.  Fortunately shortness of breath is my only real side effect now, so I'm just taking things a bit slower these days and I've even learned to enjoy an afternoon nap.

Thanks to all my prayer warriors and those sending good vibes and healing thoughts;  I appreciate you so much.  I just smile when they tell me I'm doing so much better than most patients, as I know what/who is really making the difference - and from the bottom of my heart, thank you!


  1. Martha - having gotten to know you when I was myself in a transition, I am so priveleged to have the honor to have worked with you. You made the time so special, and I gained a friend and mentor. Chase is lucky to have had you for those 19 years and your expertise, marketing communications, strategy and overall great business sense.

    You are my inspiration as you are walking through your own transition with such grace, humor, and style - I think of you every day and am in awe.

    My best to you as you close the Chase chapter and begin this new one with all the goodness, fun, and peace you deserve.

    Congratulations on your new 'first' week.

    With much love,


  2. "I've even learned to enjoy an afternoon nap"???? You really do have new things to learn! I've been enjoying them since I was about 12 hours old. Thank God my new office isn't one of those with a pesky floor-to-ceiling window next to the door!

    And congratulations on your retirement. I was one of the lucky ones who got to work with you occassionally, office two doors away for a year or two, and experience your endless joy. Can't wait to see what you do next!

  3. Karyn - thanks so much, back at ya! So proud of you for your current achievements! I follow you and your incredible boys vicariously on Facebook.

    Greg - I went by the bank today and tapped on your office door (gently, so not to wake you unnecessarily, but I am assuming you were travelling as there was no answer). Next time, I'll call in advance to make sure you're there and we can catch up on what's new, or at least trade nap best practices...) Also so proud of your accomplishments!

    Best to both,