Thursday, May 23, 2013

Cabin Fever

My lab results last week were the lowest yet, with just about everything well into the danger zone by Wednesday.  With an upper respiratory infection and practically no infection-fighting white blood cells left, I was sentenced to bed while the antibiotics do their job.  I'll gladly take that over getting a transfusion!

But the trouble with being stuck in bed is that cabin fever quickly sets in.  Someone challenged me at the start of this to do an editor's pick of daytime TV so the rest of you would have a list of what's interesting to watch whenever you're at home sick.  With time on my hands, I decided to give it a try.

I could feel my mind starting to rot after the first hour.  We get some sort of mega-programming package with hundreds of channels, so I had a lot to click through.  But other than a handful of safe havens such as Discovery, HBO, or my beloved Food Network, clicking to each new channel revealed another mind-numbing show.  I was also surprised to find so many opportunities to buy trinkets or gadgets, all guaranteed to change my life for just $19.99.   Who knew that miracles were so readily available these days, and for a special sale price for a limited time only (or as long as your credit card holds out)?

When I started longing on the second day to go clean out a closet instead, I gave up the quest.  It will take someone else with more tolerance than I have to create a roadmap of what to watch between Good Morning America and the evening news.  The only bright spots I could find were Katie, Dr. Oz, and Ellen, and I never found anything I'd consider a must-see show.

Instead, I've been spending my afternoons at Thornfield Hall, in 1920s Paris, and in revolutionary Russia.  Yep, I'm re-reading the classics.  Besides plundering my bookshelves, I've discovered that many books are now available electronically, which makes them so much easier to read in bed.  Can't leave the house to visit the bookstore?  Just download the book you want within minutes on your iPad.  For me, there's an added bonus - you can easily wipe an iPad to keep it germ-free.

So while I can't wait to get my blood cell counts back up so I can resume normal activities, I am having fun reading new bestsellers and rediscovering old favorites.  Hopefully next week I'll be back to my new normal, but in the meantime, you'll find me in Maycomb, Alabama - Atticus Finch is about to make his closing speech, not knowing that Jem and Scout are in the balcony.


  1. So I have an idea-you can do my Theology reading and translate it to something little ole me can understand. I also have a paper to work on in case you get REALLY bored....:)

    1. send it my way! I bet it's interesting reading, just really slow to get through. So proud of you for your seminary work!

    2. Be careful what you wish for it's very tempting (the offer to send and summarize). 3 classes down and loving the dialogue but the student in me is already stressing over the tests and paper.

  2. Hi Martha - hate to hear that your battling an infection. I can recommend a couple of things that you might find entertaining. I recently watched season 1 of the HBO series Girls. It's very clever and well written with a slight dark side. Also, try the book Sparkling Green Earrings - it's hilarious and the author has a blog.

    I bet you have heard about all the Chase changes - sorry to see Ryan go! When you're feeling better, stop by to say hello.

    I'm still sending prayers and positive energy your way!


    1. thanks, Janet - I'll check out Girls and Sparkling Green Earrings, they sound great. I'll stop by when I'm cleared to go back out in public - heck, I'll even try to pry you out of there for lunch or drinks! Thanks for the prayers and positive energy, they mean a lot.