Monday, June 17, 2013

Ring the bells, break out the bubbly

Today I had my last big 8-hour chemo session with about a quart of chemicals (I figure I've had more than a gallon and a half of poison potions over the last few months).   I still have a mini-chemo on Thursday plus more lab work and tests over the coming week, but tonight I am celebrating!  No wine for me now, but there's a glass of Marlborough sauvignon blanc waiting for me after the last test. 

I'll get my final report card when I do a PET scan in July, but all indicators look good that we're saying goodbye to lymphoma and slamming the door behind it.  (Or at least closing the door firmly;  my doctor has told me to keep my port in as I'll be seeing him every few weeks for another year while he monitors me closely for those sneaky little biker cells.)  It's so nice to see the light at the end of this long tunnel and know that normal life will resume in about six weeks.

While I won't know for certain until next week's tests, it also appears that I am safely out of danger of all the really scary stuff - transfusions, bone marrow transplants, and maybe even bone marrow biopsies.  Yes, I am doing a happy dance right now.  It looks a little like the Funky Chicken with a little gangnam style thrown in, thank heavens there are no cameras around.

I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes

I did end up losing quite a bit of feeling in my fingers and toes, thanks to neuropathy from two of the chemicals in my chemo cocktail.  There are many days that my fingertips feel as though they're composed of buzzing bees.  But this is much less severe than what many patients experience who get a similar chemo cocktail treatment;  I can still type (with maybe a few more typos), manage buttons, and don't drop glassware.  The good news is that I am expected to regain full feeling slowly over the next few months.  I'm counting on that, as I'm signing up for yoga and pottery classes, and I can't imagine doing the tree pose or throwing a bowl on the pottery wheel if I can't feel my feet or fingers.  Of course, it might make for some interesting Youtube fodder, kind of like the happy dance I am still doing, if cameras were allowed anywhere near me.  Not.

Most of the other side effects will go away in a few weeks, and my hair will start coming back.  All things to really look forward to.  So color me happy, I'm on the home stretch and things are looking really good.  Thanks to all the prayer warriors and people sending good vibes my way:  it worked and we can celebrate together soon!

In fact, I'm going to go chill several bottles of wine for us now.  For medicinal purposes only, of course.


  1. Absolutely the best news of the day and continue to be in awe of your determination and attitude that has inspired us all. Hoping this week goes by quickly and uneventful and you are feeling better very soon-xoxo

  2. Hurray! So glad to hear that you approaching the end of your treatments and all signs look good. You really are such an inspiration to everyone.

    Love reading your posts and following your progress. Keep it up!

    1. Thanks! I'll be calling in a few weeks to book lunch and get caught up; maybe we'll even get Greg to join us. Miss the Preston Center gang!