Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A Flush and a Full House

I am still a member of the port club:  not those who appreciate a potent after-dinner wine, but those who have a portacath in their chest for fast and easy access by needles.  My doctor wants me to remain a member for the rest of my 'keep an eye on it' year.  As a result, I have to go in to the oncology clinic every five weeks to have the port flushed so I don't risk a blood clot. 

I just had my third flush. It was nice to walk in without any apprehension, knowing that I'd be in and out within 15 minutes. The waiting room was packed as patients were trying to get treatments in before Thanksgiving, but the atmosphere was far from harried.  I was stopped several times as I went down the hall by nurses and doctors who wanted to say hello and ask how I was doing.  As usual, it felt like a reunion with friends, and I realized how grateful I have been this year for this wonderful community at UT Southwestern, as well as my other communities of friends, family, and online supporters.  I want you to know that this Thanksgiving, I'll be raising a forkful of pumpkin pie in your honor!  Thank you for all the support this year; it was often what kept me going during the down days.

The house is decorated and I'm starting to cook now for Thanksgiving.  Before I retired, this often involved a complicated and frenetic schedule similar to what the Secret Service does for POTUS:
 8:00  Pies arrive for top oven
 8:05  Casserole departs from bottom oven
 8:05  Wheels up on the turkey
 8:45  Pies depart from oven for cooling rack
 9:00  Wine break for the staff

Now I find myself humming (badly, but that's a different story) as I polish silver and leisurely do the prep work in the kitchen. Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday as it's not commercial:  it's just a wonderful celebration of family and friends and counting your blessings.  This year I'm looking forward to having our biggest crowd ever, and I'm grateful for the full house. 

It's so much fun to see everyone and catch up on all the news while we're in turkey comas.  It's the last pause before Black Friday and the madness of the holiday rush begins.  Kudos to my friends who celebrate Hanukkah, for as a few emailed me after the post on Thankistmas, they had to get ready for Hanukkah before Thanksgiving this year.  One said her family is making her cook double this Thursday as they want the best of both:  Thanksgiving sweet potatoes and Hanukkah latkes.  Now that's a crazy cooking schedule!

Here's hoping that your Thanksgiving is full of family and friends, and filled with blessings and love.  And pie.  Lots of pie.

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  1. Wishing you and yours a very Blessed Thanksgiving. So much to be thankful for and your friendship is one of the things I am grateful for-xo