Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Common, Garden-Variety Lymphoma

While I still don't have the full pathology report, my doctor did confirm today that I have B-cell lymphoma, the most common variety of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma out there.  The symptoms are: rapidly growing mass (check), night sweats (check), and weight loss (what the heck?!  I've been gypped big time!)  The good news is that it has a very high cure rate.  I'm doing a happy dance - or will after I check out the weight loss I'm supposed to be having...

Which would you choose?

I meet my first possible oncologist tomorrow, and the second next week.  One is a lead hemotologist at the brand-new Baylor Cancer Center, and used to be on the faculty of Johns Hopkins (specifically the Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins).  I grew up in Virginia, where Johns Hopkins was THE place you wanted to go if you had cancer, with the Mayo clinic being a distant second.  This oncologist has won a ton of merit awards and has a golden retriever (almost as good as owning a black Lab).

The other hematology oncologist is a practicing doc and also a professor at UT Southwestern Medical School (the premier teaching hospital in the Southwest), where he holds a chair in cancer research and an endowed professorship in medical research, and is the director of the UT Southwest bone marrow transplant program.  UT Southwestern is part of the same University of Texas system that houses M.D. Anderson, THE place to go for cancer treatment in the Southwest, and is actually the teaching arm of the system - so the clout and knowledge of the famous Houston hospital without the trip to Houston.  Sadly, no word on what kind of dog he owns.

Both oncologists have fabulous credentials:  which would you choose?   Baylor oncologist with Johns Hopkins credentials, or the top guy at UT Southwestern?  Whichever we 'click' with the most?  Or who owns the closest to a black Lab?  Leave a comment below and share your thoughts.

Now back to that happy dance!

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