Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Second Opinion to Prevent Second-Guessing

Nobody likes asking for favors, but there are two areas in which you absolutely should:  anything life-threatening, and gardening (frequently the same thing for me, particularly when aphids and moles are involved).  So I got a second opinion about a second opinion from a retired executive at work, who spends all his time in philanthrophy and knows just about anything and anyone there is to know in Dallas.

UT Southwestern, he told me - the only National Cancer Institute-certified center in North Dallas, and I'll poke around for you since you're already talking to the guys at Baylor.

Then yesterday afternoon my cell phone rings and it's Dr. Collins, director of hematology at UT Southwestern, who had been asked by the head of UTSW to call me asap!  He gave me his cell phone number, his secretary's name/number, and had his office manager call me;  within minutes, I had an appointment for Friday afternoon.   Whoohoo!  Moving fast now! 

Now I need to stop by Sprinkles and get thank-you cupcakes for the good friend who pulled in a big favor for me amid a very busy schedule.   No, that will NOT be a smudge of fudge on my upper lip.  (It will be caramel.)

So is it a second opinion when it's the first one you get?

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