Tuesday, February 5, 2013

If you've watched the TV show Glee, this fast, in-your-face recap of what went on last week will feel familiar:
- A little more than a week ago, I finally got in to see Dr. Oxford, my top-rated and hard-to-schedule ENT doc, about why I was starting to have difficulty swallowing. 
- Dr. Oxford didn't like the looks of the mass on my tonsil and he didn't like the feel of a mass in a lymph node, and called for an immediate CT scan. 
- Result:  masses are 'consistent with cancer' and a surgical follow-up was scheduled for the following Friday, 2/1.  The best outcome?  a tonsillectomy to remove the offending masses. I prepare by stocking the freezer with popsicles and buying a slushie machine (I know:  Glee, slushies...)
- Next scene:  Baylor Uptown, a new and very cool small addition to the Baylor hospital complex.   The surgical team did their look-see and were ready to take out the tonsils but unfortunately the biopsies showed lymphoma and they called it a day.  How dare the C word raise its ugly head again?!   No tonsillectomy, and I'm stuck with a freezer full of popsicles.
- Once again, it appears my entire surgical team was from Central Casting:  check the photos below.  First is Dr. Oxford, a Taylor Lautner look-alike despite being one of the top ENTs in Dallas;  second is Dr. Kahn, anesthesiologist, who looks a lot like the doc in the Twilight movies but much younger and with a pulse (and a really fun personality).  That's me in the lovely blue shower cap, IV'd up and ready to roll.

Gary was incredibly patient to wait with me through it all;  after I went in to surgery, his buds Steve and Mike showed up to provide moral support on a tough Friday afternoon.  You rock, guys!  Thanks for being there for us.
And THAT'S what you missed last week - on me!

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