Tuesday, February 5, 2013

So this was supposed to be a blog about my gardening adventures in the midst of the city as I took on the challenge of transforming a lush, highly watered yard (with water bills in the summer that could put a kid through college) into a lush, drought-tolerant yard:  a how-to guide for city dwellers in the south who want to respect both the environment and their bank balances while making the neighbors jealous.  And it will be, some day, I promise - keep those hand-trowels sharpened and ready! 

But on the eve of my retirement, after I'd already prowled through gardening catalogs, replanned my flower beds, and started ordering seeds, I found that I had a weed.  Not in the yard - goodness I have thousands there, can you say ligustrum? - but a bigger, tougher, harder-to-get-to weed called cancer. 

So I'm repurposing this blog.  It's going to be a battleplan for dealing with this unwanted issue and a reference for friends and family who want to check in from time to time to see how I'm doing.  And yes, I'm going to throw in a little gardening along the way.  After all, life is all about seasons and dealing with what comes at you and somehow at the end of the day, there's always beauty.  


  1. If EVER there was a woman who can bloom where she's planted, it would be Martha. I will faithfully read this blog, faithfully pray for a full recovery, and faithfully request tips for a fruitful future for my bare backyard.

  2. Your 'bare backyard' is the Rockies! I think you'll be amply blessed, my friend!